Welcome Space Cowboy

The next anime from Sunrise(the peeps who brought you Gundam and Outlaw Star)

Get ready to blow this joint...
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Watch Cowboy Beebop on the Adult Swim on Cartoon Network on Sundays.
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It's on at 12:00/11:0 central to 1:00/12:00 central

Spike, Jet, Ein, Faye, and Ed. A crew on the Cowboy Beebop. They struggle living on the money they make on bounty hunting. Their lives aren't a bit boring while hunting down HUGE black men, or fighting a rotten lobster from 3 years ago. The anime is a combo of action/humor.

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This girl to the right is Faye. She's just added for sexual pleasure. In every scene, her boobs are showing, she's in a bathing suit, bathing in a tub, or you can see her short shorts and her sexy suspenders. ;)

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